Our Faculty

Gianna Bonaddio

Teacher & Children’s Program Supervisor

Incredibly gifted in the field of arts, Gianna is a young talent with a passion for teaching and helping others. Her skills range from drawing, to gouache, to oil painting.

In addition to this, she has a knack for working with and connecting with our younger students. She always finds new and engaging projects that are loved by our students and campers alike.

Hunter Zhang

Teacher & Program Director

Hunter has a lifetime of experience in the arts. He has experiences in most mediums you can think of but specializes in the core principles of art. These include figure study, still life, oil painting, charcoal, graphite, ink illustration, sculpture and much more.

His role at the studio is a vital one. He takes the charge of both creating, curating, and promoting our various classes, programs, and workshops. As well as teaching in many of those programs himself.

Jaime Pajarito

Assistant Manager

Jaime’s role at the school is broad. But because of his adaptability and unceasing motivation to make Desert Art Academy the best that it can be, our school has been able to function at its best.

Jaime is also an incredible and studious artist. He specializes on the portrayal of the human figure, landscapes, and more conceptual imagery; both in painting and in drawing.