Our Director

Leo Fuchs is director of education for Desert Art Classes and has developed and written the curriculum for the programs and courses that are offered. Leo Fuchs also serves as director of arts education for the non profit, All Desert Wellness Centers, Leo Fuchs is an award winning artist, a master at color theory, paint mixing and application, and arts educator who has taught at major art and design colleges. He is also known for his many lectures on art and art education, and as a motivational speaker. He has published numerous articles on the creative development of children; multi level intelligence; and right brain thinking in the cyber age. He has appeared on many TV and Radio programs where he has interviewed major leaders from the art and design fields. Last but not least Leo Fuchs is an outstanding educator who over the last 30 years has helped hundreds of students matriculate to top colleges as well as professional careers.

Our Faculty

Desert Art Academy’s staff is comprised of a group of highly skilled and talented artists who are devoted to the development of our students unique creative abilities and technical skills. While each of our faculty is specialized in their own unique set of criteria they are also fully capable in any other media or style. Our teachers take a personal care in understanding the varying needs of each individual student, ensuring a quality of education like no other.

Our Programs

Desert Art Academy, is an educational program established to provide year round arts education for adults, teens and children. Each program and its courses are specifically designed to provide the most concise and effective instruction for every age group and individual interest level. Our approach is to engage students in a two-fold learning process of both technical skills and personal artistic expression. Bringing these two aspects together into a unified whole of creative development. In this way students can achieve competence in the formal elements of art, such as; drawing, composition, design, perspective and other foundation skills. These skills are learned concurrently with aesthetic principles of feeling, imagination, and personal creative expression. In this way students are able to engage the learning process with excitement and inspiration. Classes are small and provide individualized instruction, in this way every student can work on a project of their own choosing and at their own pace.