Students can learn many styles of painting from Portraiture and Figure Painting, Realism to Photo Realism, Impressionism and Plein Air Landscapes, Expressionism, Abstraction and other 20th styles of Modernism . Special emphasis is given to understanding color, how to mix colors to achieve natural effects and various techniques of paint application such as impasto, glazing, blending, ala prima, dry brush and more.


Also Drawing with all its foundation parts, such as materials and techniques, composition, shading, blending, line, in pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, pastels, and various ink techniques. Drawing basics are essential foundation skills to making better art. But students will also have the opportunity to learn how to create drawings as finished works of fine art. Students may also learn Head Drawing and Anatomy. Figure Drawing from live models is also available in other courses.


We help students create a design portfolio and we teach advertising design, book design, brochure design, environmental graphic, identity system, information graphic, Package design, poster design, and web design.


Adult courses are also available for those student seeking to build a portfolio, or improve a existing portfolio for presentation. In this program students may wish to focus their efforts in a particular area, such as; Illustration, Graphic Design, Animation, or Transportation Design. A presentation portfolio is an impressive collection of your best visual work. When someone reviews your portfolio, it should represent you as a top creative talent. ( FREE PORTFOLIO REVIEWS ARE AVAILABLE )