By Leo Fuchs

Current education, public and private, is struggling with a variety of dysfunctions plaguing students in the classroom. For many of these problems, boredom seems to be an underlying cause. Studies on boredom originally began in the early twentieth century in response to industrial workers being bored on the job, and have now been applied to other areas of life- particularly education. Research has found that students, similar to early industrial workers, tend to repress their personal drives and desires and are not engaged in a positive desire-based goal oriented outcome activity.

With over 100 million video games sold in the US each year, it is clear that young people enjoy the creative interaction with the clearly defined desire based goals of the games. A positive alternative to video games and a method to overcome boredom in the classroom is to apply the new school creative education philosophy. The goal of New School Education is to envision the future rather than memorizing the past. Creative future based thinking is an integral element that is learned in art and design thinking, which provides creative innovative solutions, and conceptual development to the classroom enviroment and has been shown to reduce boredom.

Results and analysis of 20th century IQ test scores and voluminous research conducted by 30 different countries concludes that the current generation of young people are brighter than their parents, who are brighter than their parents and so forth dating back to the early 1900s. We can then in fact perceive that this is the continuing dynamic evolution of human intelligence. So it is natural to realize that the brighter brain continually seeks stimulation, and over time craves more and more creative engagement from the environment. Creative education at an early age is the essential positive track to providing and satisfying these noetic desires and stimulations. With each generation of smarter students, we have an obligation and responsibility to fulfill the promise of providing students with an engaging creative educational process that their minds need and deserve. New School creative education is the key to involving students in a learning process that garners their interest, and brings passion, fascination, curiosity, and creative problem solving into the learning process.