By Leo Fuchs

Critical and creative thinking inextricably requires the intellect to be taken into account. Thi noetic approach is what allows new ideas, and fresh perceptions to form and flourish. For true critical thinking is questioning of the question itself. It assumes that any and all frames of reference are up for debate and pushes for not only new solutions but new questions as well. For a critical thinker recognizes that, after all, the original query comes from the box itself. To achieve this level of thinking, however, one requires an education that promotes creative thinking and intellectual fulfillment. This is where art and design come in. For art and design are not just a craft or skill, but a way of thinking that brings creative solutions to the world. Students of this field are required by necessity to learn the aforementioned cognitive skills because art is a practice that constantly pushes you out of the box. Through this training, students’ minds will be better suited and equipped to apply creative and critical thinking to all aspects of life. Studies have shown this result multiple times as well. Research shows that children and young adults who practice an art or craft have improved cognitive ability, focus, perception, and academic performance. It is clear then, that creative development is necessary to properly prepare young minds for success in a constantly changing world.